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Summer of Law: A Preamble

Summer of Law: A Preamble

As we return from Memorial Day Weekend where spring comes to an end and summer takes hold- especially after a particularly long winter- many begin to focus on the warm weather and all that comes with it—lunches outside, happy hours, 4th of July, long weekends, vacations, trips to the beach, days in the many NYC parks, an (even more) relaxed dress code and for most- no school!

Summer is also intern season where droves of college and graduate school students descend on New York City for a coveted summer internship to bolster their resumes and/or set themselves up for a job post-graduation. For us lawyers, summer brings back “fond” memories of studying for the bar exam.

For businesses both large and small- start-ups to 3rd generation stalwarts- summer may bring unique benefits (e.g. seasonal businesses that benefit from the warm weather) and challenges (employees whose attention is diverted to out-of-office pursuits).  For schools, summer is a time to plan for the next year, renovate facilities and get prepared for teachers to return in August for professional development (click here for our 2017 professional development session options).  For entrepreneurs, summer may be the season for innovation, leading to new business ideas and ventures.

As start-up, business and education lawyers, we are well aware of the benefits and challenges our clients experience during the summer.

In the spirit of summer, over the next 10 weeks, we will feature a variety of blog posts related to summer-specific legal considerations (stay tuned for our first installment this Friday called “Summer Fridays”), as well as the “made-for-reality-TV” simulated blog-cast opening of an ice cream shop to be named “CONE Schneider” which will highlight the trials and tribulations entrepreneurs face once they are “beyond the napkin” stage of conceptualizing their idea and move forward with opening and operating their new business.

Welcome to the Cohen Schneider LLP’s “Summer of Law” and please check back often for updates on the Ice Cream Shop and other “hot” topics!