Due diligence and preparation of clear contracts and agreements are important tools to help individuals, businesses and organizations avoid disagreements and disputes generally and when they do arise, provide a roadmap for resolving disagreements and disputes without the need for litigation, but even with effective planning and preparation, circumstances may arise that require parties to submit disagreements and disputes to a third party for resolution, whether through a lawsuit before a state or federal court, an administrative agency or tribunal or through alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation and arbitration.

Regardless of the substance of the disagreement or dispute or the tribunal before which it may eventually be adjudicated, the goal of the lawyers and professional staff at Cohen Schneider Law, P.C. is to make the process of resolving a disagreement or dispute as efficient and effective as possible so that your attention can continue to be on operating your business or organization or otherwise focusing on the day-to-day outside of dispute resolution and litigation.

When possible, our NYC litigation attorney team seeks to resolve disagreements and disputes through negotiation and informal settlement discussions. When attempts to informally resolve matters are not possible or desirous, our team of New York City litigation attorneys pursue and/or defend lawsuits, arbitrations, mediations and matters before administrative bodies from inception to resolution, in each case zealously advocating for our client while always seeking to pursue the path that best serves our client’s needs.


Our clients

Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Businesses, Organizations and Schools.


What we do

Informal Dispute Resolution

Whether seeking to enforce a provision of a contract and bringing a disagreement or dispute to another party’s attention, our goal is to attempt to resolve a matter without having to resort to more formal legal procedures that may require parties to devote substantial time and resources above and beyond what would otherwise be expended if informal attempts to resolve a matter are successful. Our New York city litigation attorney team analyzes the issues, write demand letters/cease and desist letters and engages the opposing party and their lawyers as advocates for our client, with an eye towards practical solutions rather than making overtures and setting artificial deadlines that are not likely to yield results. If a disagreement or dispute is resolved at this stage, we draft and negotiate settlement and release agreements that provide our clients with the conditions they require going forward to ensure the opposing party’s compliance.

Mediation and Arbitration

When matters cannot be resolved informally, our New York City litigation attorneys both initiate and defend matters before mediators and arbitrators when a contract or agreement calls for mediation and/or arbitration to resolve disputes. Both mediation and arbitration afford clients with certain benefits are they are often a middle ground between information dispute resolution and litigation in the court system, with some advantages and disadvantages, and we work with our clients to prepare their cases to position themselves for the best result possible under the circumstances.


When matters either cannot be resolved by information dispute resolution measures or through mediation or arbitration for one reason or another, our NYC litigation attorney team prepares to initiate or defend a matter in state or federal court. Even though litigation can indeed be time consuming and expensive, as with all of our serves, we attempt to chart a course and provide representation in a cost-effective, efficient fashion while not compromising the zealous advocacy with which our NYC litigation attorneys pursue cases on behalf of our clients.

Examples of Matters we Handle:

  • Partnership/Membership/Shareholders Disputes and Dissolutions
  • Breach of Contract
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Employment Disputes