You’ve Found It!

Your ideal office, school building, studio, storefront, restaurant, or facility. It took time and patience, but it encapsulates what your business or organization needs in a suitable location at the right price.

Now, you need a New York City-based commercial real estate attorney who can help you negotiate favorable terms while keeping the deal intact. As with all projects our NYC real estate attorneys undertake on behalf of clients, our eye is firmly on the bottom line–your bottom line. When it comes to what’s important to your business and what may expose you to unreasonable risk, we are skilled, tenacious negotiators who advocate for your best interest. But, we won’t “over-lawyer” your deal and potentially jeopardize the space.

With over fifteen years of commercial real estate experience in New York City, our real estate attorneys know what’s reasonable to ask for, what’s reasonable to insist upon and what’s not open for negotiation and know how to find the right balance between the three to get the deal closed.

For those leasing space, as is the hallmark of each practice area in which we advise clients, we take the time to translate legalese (and with commercial leases, the 75-page lease rider) into “English-for-entrepreneurs.”  Whether it’s the “good guy” guaranty, real estate tax escalation, sublet and assignment clause or other matters, all become easier to digest and understand when they are explained properly by our lawyers that take the time to understand your business or organizations’ needs and take the time to ask questions. 

Our NYC commercial real estate attorney team is committed to ensuring you understand what it is you’re getting into, because you can’t make an informed business decision without sound legal advice regarding what is often one of the largest expenses for a New York City-based business or organization.

For landlords and developers, our NYC real estate attorney team understands what your needs and wants are, too, and takes a practical approach to structuring leases, subleases and license agreements that provide you, your investors and lenders with the security you require while facilitating the transaction with your prospective tenant using the clauses, terms and conditions needed to accomplish your objectives in a sensible fashion when the goal is to get a rent-paying tenant in your space without extensive negotiation of legal documents, when possible.


Our Clients

Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Businesses, Individuals, Investors, Not-for-Profits, Schools, Building Owners, Real Estate Developers, Tenants, Landlords, Subtenants, Sub-landlords and Lenders.


What we do

Office/Retail/Restaurant Lease Negotiation

On the tenant representation side, whether leasing 1,000 or 100,000 square feet of space, our NYC real estate attorneys assist our clients by advising on the terms of the deal, negotiating the lease and ancillary documents and navigating what can be a complex and daunting process of leasing commercial real estate in New York City. We also work with landlords- most often when they are acting as sub-landlords to sublease excess space- as well as the owners of buildings leasing to tenants.

School Real Estate

Our thriving charter school and education practice means that our NYC commercial real estate attorney team routinely supports schools with their real estate needs. We counsel schools and education programs in their leasing, subleasing and licensing of space, building out space, developing and financing real estate on their own and everything in between, and we are adept at working with a variety of landlords and lenders both for-profit and not-for-profit who focus their portfolios on schools and are known in the education space one of the go-to law firms for education-related real estate projects.

Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Estate

We work closely through the process our clients undertake when they are in the market to sell or acquire real estate. Through deal structure, term sheet and contract negotiation process through due diligence, financing and closing, partnership and joint venture agreements, we work with our clients to get deals closed.

Real Estate Financing

Whether construction financing, permanent financing or other credit/financing solutions, we represent borrowers in connection with various financing products from traditional and specialty lenders. When representing lenders, we understand your particular needs and how to address and protect them through due diligence, preparation and documentation.

Construction Contracts

Primarily with clients who are completing tenant improvements or developing small projects, we review and negotiate contracts with general contractors, architects and other design professionals and the trades. Having worked with clients on projects big and small, we have insight into the needs of both owners/tenants and the construction professionals to help structure terms that provide each party with the clarity they and the project require.

Dispute Resolution

When disputes over real estate arise, we pursue remedies available to project and advance our client’s interests. Often, that starts with an attempt to negotiate a dispute and may be resolved without the need for a formal legal proceeding, but when it does, we are prepared to litigate or arbitrate a dispute to provide our clients with the best possible chance to achieve the outcome they desire.