The Internet has changed the way the world thinks about and conducts business. While the old adage “It’s a whole new ball game” may be true every few months, our NYC internet attorney team continuously studies the playbook and provides strategies for clients that help create a strong foundation while providing the flexibility necessary to adapt as developments in this ever-changing landscape occur often. 

The legal issues related to the use of the Internet by individuals and businesses alike cut across a variety of legal disciplines that together make up the practice of Internet, E-Commerce, and Social Media Law. Whether you are an entrepreneur launching your first e-commerce business or an established social network, publisher, website, technology provider or other Internet platform or a company, school, or organization looking to develop a social media policy for your business, employees, stakeholders, and others, our NYC Internet attorney team can provide the counsel needed at different points along the way.

From developing and protecting client’s rights to online-based content and intellectual property, to structuring terms and conditions, terms of use, platform service agreements and privacy policies that govern users participation on a website or Internet platform or a purchase from an e-commerce site, developing protocols and reviewing content for advertising and marketing efforts, addressing issues related to user-generated content, providing companies with the legal tools they need to effectively operate their e-commerce businesses and create policies (and when needed, responded to issues) related to privacy and data security, our NYC internet attorney team is positioned to be a resource every step of the way.


Our Clients

Entrepreneurs, E-commerce Companies, Social Media Networks, Platforms Service Providers, Companies, Schools and Organizations with an Online Presence.


What we do

  • Develop website terms and conditions, privacy policies, terms of use and platform services agreements
  • Review advertising and marketing strategies and tactics and websites for legal compliance with federal, state and local rules and regulations regarding advertising and consumer protection
  • Development of social media policies for companies, schools and other organizations for inclusion in employee handbooks, on social media accounts, blogs, websites, etc.
  • Training on use and misuse of social media in the workplace
  • Assistance with the creation of policies related to and compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Communications Decency Act, CAN-SPAM Act and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
  • Counsel regarding the treatment, editorial functions and monitoring of user-generated content
  • Counsel on compliance with popular social networks policies on advertising, promotions and the maintenance of group/fan pages and drafting terms and conditions for promotions and sweepstakes
  • Appearance before regulatory agencies and law enforcement bureaus
  • Representation in connection with the purchase and sale of and disputes related to website domain names
  • Counsel on establishment of policies and procedures related to the operation of e-commerce businesses
  • Provide strategic counsel in connection with an existing brick-and-mortar company’s establishment of an online presence with an e-commerce store
  • Counsel related to rights of privacy and publicity online as well as defamation in the arena of Internet law
  • Counsel on use of trademarks and copyrights on-line
  • Representation in connection with privacy and data security related matters from preparation of policies to incident responses.