Consistent with our firm’s focus on working with individuals, businesses, and schools that are innovating in their respective fields, our NYC not-for-profit lawyers provide counsel to not-for-profit organizations pursuing a variety of charitable and social purposes that contribute financial support and/or services to the constituencies they support. Not-for-profit organizations have many similar needs to their for-profit counterparts; however, they also have unique needs, too, given that our non-profit attorneys in NYC have the broad experience needed to provide not-for-profit NYC organizations with the legal strategy and services they require.


Our Clients

Individuals, Social Entrepreneurs, Existing Organizations, Philanthropists.


What we do

Formation & Launch

Our team of non-profit attorneys in NYC works with the founders of not-for-profit organizations to incorporate, draft and adopt policies and procedures to comply with legal requirements, meet the organizations needs and to provide the foundation from which they can launch their charitable endeavor. We also draft first-generation agreements and other legal documents that a new organization may require to begin to fulfill their mission and purpose.

 Obtaining Tax Exemption

After a not-for-profit NYC organization is incorporated, in order to receive its tax exemption, an application needs to be filed at the federal as well as the state or states levels in which the organization operates to obtain both income and sales tax exemptions that most organizations seek. Our not-for-profit attorneys in NYC work with founders to prepare and submit applications for tax exemption and in the case where organizations have let their exemptions lapse, work with management and boards to re-apply and help the organization adopt procedures to ensure that they file timely returns and reports going forward. 

General Counsel Services

Like their for-profit counterparts, not-for-profit organizations operate like a business, too, and may employ people, lease or buy real estate, own or license intellectual property, enter into partnerships, sign contracts, need to resolve disputes, etc., and the firm’s depth and breadth of practice and experience with not-for-profit NYC organizations enables the firm’s clients to be served by the same team of lawyers throughout their lifecycle. We also provide corporate governance training, board development and strategic planning services to support not only the organization and its day-to-day operations, but its board of directors and organizational goals as well.