As NYC startup lawyers, it’s our job to help build your startup and make those hours pay off. Have the next big idea? Tired of working for your boss and ready to be the boss? Excited to get your startup off the ground or take it to the next level with financing? As a law firm focused on innovation, our startup lawyers are well-suited to provide you with the support you will need each step of the way. We’d love to hear from you. You are our people.

Ensuring a successful launch

Launch your startup business with our experienced NYC Startup Lawyers

Our startup law firm in NYC regularly advises entrepreneurs in the New York City area and beyond on a wide range of matters. This includes helping them select and implement the proper legal structure from which to launch their startup business, working towards an exit (sale), and everything in between. As entrepreneurs and NYC startup lawyers, we appreciate the fast-paced, around-the-clock schedule that may be required to take a project from the drawn-on-a-napkin idea stage to launch and beyond, and we will roll up our sleeves along with you every step of the way.


Our Clients

Entrepreneurs, founders, existing emerging/growth businesses, spin-offs, investors.


What We Do

The Entrepreneur Startup Package

We know that a start-up’s budget is tight and that some folks forgo hiring a law and turn to forms found on-line or non-lawyer document services instead to save money. We strongly believe that building a strong legal foundation from the get-go is critical to long-term success and it can be done efficiently and cost-effectively. Cohen Schneider Law, P.C. has structured a fixed-fee startup package focused on the immediate needs of startup ventures. This package lets you interface with our experienced NYC startup lawyers and professional staff who will help launch your startup with a legally-sound foundation for fixed fee that you can budget for in advance.

The fixed-fee Entrepreneur Startup Package includes the following:

  • A 90-minute powerful brainstorming and strategy session with our NYC-based team of startup lawyers and professionals to discuss your business, answer questions related to choice of entity (e.g. limited liability company, corporation, s-corporation, b-corporation etc.), trademarks, domain names, agreements between founders, non-disclosure agreements, fundraising strategies, etc.
  • Preparation of the documents required to form your company in one state (e.g. New York, Delaware, New Jersey) and secure authority to do business in other states (as applicable)*
  • Assistance with compliance related to publishing requirements of your new entity (as applicable)*
  • Initial round of by-laws, incorporating/formation resolutions and stock/membership interest issuance in addition to creation of company record book
  • Obtaining of Employer Identification/Tax ID number
  • Assistance with registration with New York State as an employer and guidance on insurance requirements (e.g. worker’s compensation, disability & unemployment insurance) and hiring requirements (e.g. what is permissible to ask on job applications; what benefits must be offered to employees)
  • Drafting of Advisory Board agreements
  • Basic package of Employment Offer Letter, Independent Contractor Agreement, Confidentially Arrangements, Non-Solicitation, Non-disclosure & Assignment of Invention agreements
  • Five (5) additional hours of legal time for consultations on other matters (e.g. review and negotiation of service agreements, drafting of founders/shareholders/operating agreement, trademark application filing* etc.)

*State filing fees, registered agent fees, publication fees and trademark application filing fees are not included in the Fixed Fee

Other Services

  • Drafting of terms and conditions, terms of use, platform service agreements and privacy policies
  • Registration of trademarks and copyrights
  • Negotiation of commercial leases and license agreements for office, retail and other workspaces
  • Drafting employee handbooks
  • Representation in connection with financing transactions (S.A.F.E.s, convertible notes, equity raises, loans and lines of credit)
  • Outside general counsel services to handle day-to-day legal matters until/in-place of a full-time general counsel on staff

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